Labradoodle Puppy Breeders in the Florida Area

Amy & Belle's last litters for a while.

We have had one last breeding for our sweet mamas, Amy & Belle. After this, they will get the next year off to preserve their health and our standards. Both ladies threw some parti-pups and a few other colors in the small-medium range. See our puppy page on what each of our last litters had to offer. Follow our Facebook page for more pup-dates!

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One-hit-wonder, Sadie's retired!

It's the end of an era! Sadie & Finley had graced us with their first and only litter together before both were recently retired. Finley's red curls and Sadie's blonde Lab-like coat produced some beautiful cream, apricot, and red puppies, just like Coral used to produce! However, Sadie is Coral's sister and they are about to be 6 years old so they are now on Grandma-duty! Finley fathered our in-coming mama's so we have decided to get him fixed as well.

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CCK Blog

Check out some stories about our furry family and what drives us. You'll get a monthly little inside scoop when we have two hands available, post-belly rubs. We may not always be on time with updates, but know it's because our dog's are getting all the love in the world!

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About Us

We are family breeders of quality Labradoodles in south Florida. We have been breeding dogs since 1993. Several of our dogs have been placed in companion programs as service dogs. We're proud to say our puppies live all over the nation, including one in Puerto Rico! We selectively breed for temperament, health and standard of the breeds.

Our dogs are family-raised primarily in our house and get frequent socialization from family and friends. All of our dogs are health tested and come with a 2 year Health Guarantee.

We live on 5 acres in Loxahatchee, Florida. We have a 2 acre fenced back yard with a lake and a pool. The dogs and pups get a lot of exercise and are acclimated to water early on. We also have chickens and ducks and they intermingle with no issues. We take pride in bringing beautiful, quality and loving pups into this world.

Lab and Labradoodle dogs from our Labradoodle breeders in Florida

We look forward to adding you to our ever growing
"Life with Doodles" Family.

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