Rehoming, it happens...

Life happens, we get it. We make a promise to support you and your pups journey, and unfortunately, some journeys don't always follow their preferred course. Because of this, we want to help keep these guys out of the pounds and in happy, loving homes.

For potential pup-parents that don't necessarily want to take on a puppy or are worried about the unknown of a breed from a shelter, we welcome you to peruse these lovable, family-tested pooches! The dog makes a house a home, right?

Mr. Theo

Theo is a two year old male, previously from Amy & Finley. He is actually Belle's brother! Theo's family had to make some unexpected lifestyle changes and have ultimately decided to let him find a family with a big yard and lots of play time. This is a hard time for Theo's family but, thankfully, they have come back to us for help getting him into the best possible situation and for that, we are thankful!

Theo is chipped, up to date on vaccines and neutered. He's great with children, very patient and sweet. He let's his human-brother hang all over him and is cool with playing dress up. He is a hyper man and loves to race around and get his share of attention. If interested, please contact Mike to be put in touch with Theo's mom for a meeting.