This sweet little thing is basically Lucy's twin. However, like Fergus, she is an Australian Labradoodle from our friends in Michigan. Don't let the fluff fool you, she's an itter-bitter!



One of Amy's last litters, sweet Molly is a medium lady with so much chill, but so much speed! Maybe it's the legs, but she runs circles around everyone before coming back inside to lay in the comfiest beds.



Compliments of Belle and Patches, our lovable Lucy (Goosey) is multi-generational and our first official mini-Labradoodle.

Lucy has the same sweet temperament as our other mamas. This girl is very smart and mature. She likes to hang back with our older, retired mamas, for extra pets and a clear exit strategy when the herd races outside. This lady loves all creatures and adventures. Give her a lap, and she's your dog.



Compliments of Amy and Finley, Belle is a multi-generation Labradoodle. Her chocolate coat has silver highlights. She weighs about 25 lbs and stands about 19 inches tall at the shoulders.

Looking into those amber-colored eyes might make you steal toys from other dogs, just to make her happy! Slightly shy around strangers at first, but just melts into your arms once she knows you're willing to steal toys for her. And trust us, she's got "the look" down!


AMY - Retired

Amy is our multi-generation parti-factored Labradoodle. She weighs about 47 lbs and stands about 22 inches tall at the shoulders.

This little lady can play for days! Full of personality, and often tag-a-longs. She's also rarely seen without a toy in her mouth!


SADIE - Retired

Sadie is Coral's sister (an F1) and lives in Saint Petersburg, FL. Life finally aligned for the family's youngest daughter to add Sadie to our list of mama's. She was a one-hit-wonder due to her age (had just turned 5). Sadie weighs about 65 lbs and stands about 24 inches tall at the shoulders. As a first generation doodle, she took on many lab features from her mom, Cricket.

Sadie has a similar temperament but is definitely an adventurer. She loves chasing Frisbees, swimming, giving kisses and her sister, Bailey. Unfortunately, Sadie was our last option to offer the standard/large size pups that we previously had with Coral!

IMG_6274 (1)

CORAL - Retired

Coral is our F1-Labradoodle from Cricket and Madison. She weighs about 65 lbs and stands about 23 inches tall at the shoulders.

She carries the Chocolate-colored (and super loving) genes. We can't emphasize enough how incredibly mellow and loyal Coral is. Now her days will be spent in the grandma-type role!

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CRICKET - Retired

Cricket is our purebred Labrador Retriever, the matriarch of it all. She weighs over 65 lbs and stands about 23 inches tall at the shoulders.

She carries the Chocolate-colored genes and has beautiful Amber-colored eyes. She's a big sap and just wants to stay by your side. Doesn't need much attention, just lots of head pets and belly rubs.


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